Sacred Yoni Meditation

~A Sacred Sexual Practice~

Sacred Yoni Meditation (SYM) is an intimate and partnered sexual meditation; it expands consciousness by using the senses to take us beyond the realm of the senses. We came into this world through sex; our sexual energy is our life-giving essence for all that exists in the material world. Using our sexual energy is essential to the overall well-being of our body, mind, and spirit; it allows us to experience complete personal and spiritual liberation. Accessing our sexual energy through SYM is one of the most direct and powerful ways to connect with others and to the Source of everything, whatever we individually perceive Source to be.

For thousands of years, the yoni, which is Sanskrit for “vagina” or “womb,” has been celebrated as the origin of life. Many Tantric and Taoist meditations focus on the yoni and its ability to elicit transformational experiences; SYM is a modern and practical variation on an ancient theme.

During the 20-minute meditation, special communications skills and specific clitoral stimulation techniques are used to blend each partner’s polarized sexual energy and create a powerful meditative state. SYM’s efficacy is a direct result of creating and holding the pristine integrity of SYM’s sacred container; this foundational tenet sets SYM apart from other yoni meditations.

Each person is made up of Liquid energy that is ever changing and creative, and Solid energy that is formula-driven and predictable. SYM harnesses the intense sexual charge created by the polarization between the Liquid sexual energy of one partner (aka Shakti, Yin, etc.) and the Solid sexual energy of the other (aka Shiva, Yang, etc.). Regardless of gender, our energy dynamically drifts in and out of Liquid and Solid; most of the time, we are in some state of combined Liquid / Solid energy. Below are some examples of polarized Liquid and Solid energies.


Liquid Solid List


Because SYM focuses on the yoni, the partnership always includes a woman as the “Receiver”; she provides her Liquid sexual energy to combine with her partner.

The “Giver” can be a man or a woman. Regardless of gender assignment, the Giver provides Solid sexual energy to the meditation. Acknowledging that the Giver’s gender is not a critical component of this meditation, and for word clarity and efficiency, the following description is written with the Giver referred to as “he”, “him” or “man”.

. . . SYM Enables Us To Gracefully Meet The Challenges Of Daily Life

Benefits Of SYM:

  • Feeds our hunger for connection and touch
  • Increases our skillfulness at being present and staying out of the “Not Now”
  • Reduces our stress and anxiety
  • Unblocks energetic channels and promotes physical and emotional healing
  • Increases our orgasmic energy and opens us up to more physical sensation
  • Increases our ability to hold more sensation enabling us to gracefully-manage our daily challenges
  • Increases our ability to ask for what we want
  • Improves our sex life
  • Increases the depth and duration of happiness, love, joy, peace, ecstasy and bliss
  • We access our body-emotions and discover our inner truths
  • Clears our mind and allows us to better access our genius
  • As a Giver, our Solid energy shows up more fully and attracts more Liquid energy
  • As a Receiver, our Liquid energy shows up more fully and attracts more Solid energy

SYM is an intentional practice void of expectations and performances; it’s about experiencing the journey instead of the destination.

Top Ten SYM Intentions:

  • Suspend judgment
  • Physically connect with your partner
  • Emotionally connect with your partner
  • Be present
  • Observe and cultivate physical sensations
  • Unconditionally receive (Receiver)
  • Unconditionally give (Giver)
  • Communicate with your partner
  • Ask for what you want
  • Cultivate and circulate sexual energy

“SACRED” [ˈsākrəd/ sey-kred ] – Reverently Dedicated To Some Person, Purpose, Act Or Object; Highly Valued And Important; Deserving Great Respect; Properly Immune From Interference; Secured Against Violation And Infringement As By Reverence Or Sense Of Right

Creating And Holding A Sacred Container

At the start of the 20-minute SYM, the Giver and Receiver create a sacred container that is both metaphoric and literal. The physical container is a nest made up of pillows and blankets. The metaphoric part of the container is a specific understanding and process that’s predictable and repeatable. The partners set intentions, ask for and grant permissions, exchange observations and acknowledgements, synchronize breathing and employ specific communication methods.

During the SYM, both partners are mentally and emotionally present. The Giver experiences the Receiver’s  yoni through touch and sight; this is done in a well-lit room without softening the environment with music, low lighting, candles, scents, etc. The environment is also clear of all distractions (i.e. phones, lawn mowers, people entering/exiting the room, conversations, etc.).

With the exception of the Receiver removing her pants, the partners are always fully clothed; this keeps all the focus on the yoni. As the Giver pays attention to his own body sensations, and her body’s reaction to his stimulation, he learns how to intuitively anticipate ways to increase and expand her orgasmic sensations.

One of the key ingredient that makes up the sacred container, is the partner’s agreement that SYM is non-reciprocal. Typically, in many sexual environments, there are unspoken obligations or expectation (i.e. “. . . you do this this for me and I’ll do that for you.” ). As part of the container being non-reciprocal, romance and additional sexual activities, if any, are strictly outside the container and unrelated to SYM.

. . . When We Know The Truth Our Suffering Ends

SYM Brings Us Present

When we are not present, we are in the “Not Now.” The Not Now is a lie. Typically, we reflexively react to things instead of allowing them. We create stories to convince ourselves that the future looks a specific way. We believe that with enough effort, manipulation, cleverness and trying, we can make things happen. Our stories create a false sense of security or insecurity. This pattern of unconscious reacting fuels our need to be in control and activates our vigilance center.

The vigilance center is the part of our brain that attempts to detect the appearance of a particular target stimulus that may occur at an unknown time. In SYM, when the Receiver trusts that the Giver can impeccably hold the container that they’ve both created, she relaxes her vigilance center and can surrender to the moment and allow it instead of reacting to it. When the partners allow the SYM to work, orgasmic energy can flow and they can both enter into the realm of involuntary physical bliss. A regular SYM practice teaches the Giver and Receiver to be fully present; they learn to set pure intentions void of expectations and attachments.

. . . Sacred Yoni Meditation Is A Safe Environment Worthy Of Full Surrender

The Power Of Surrender

When we unconditionally give and receive, we create an environment that nurtures unconditional surrender; it transcends space and time as we know and understand it, extending well beyond the physical and finite world. Inside the SYM container, surrender is the opposite of giving up and failing. Surrendering in SYM empowers our physical bodies to be individual and unique, while confirming that our energetic bodies are part of Source.

SYM teaches both the Giver and Receiver to be present and surrender. When frequently and repeatedly practiced, SYM starts eliminating the adverse effects of living in the Not Now; it’s the antidote to our constant expectation setting and attaching. SYM allows us to experience pleasure, joy, peace, well-being and fulfillment; it’s far beyond what anyone can possibly experience through reacting, expecting and attaching.


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