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Intentions vs. Expectations

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One of most powerful ways to get what you desire is to quibble with semantics. Really!

“…we truly believe that we have no expectations because we have cleverly disguised them as intentions…   “…we believe that with enough effort, manipulation, cleverness and trying, we can make things happen. Our stories create a false sense of security because we are not present; we are in the ‘Not Now’.  The Not Now is a lie; it’s a fictional story that we’ve created to soothe our fear of the future. Many times our stories are built on our worst fears and drive us deeper into our scarcity-based beliefs.   More…

The words Intention, Expectation and Manifestation all are intertwined; every moment of our lives we consciously, or unconsciously, live one or all of those words. The belief that life just happens to us is the farthest from the truth. We unconsciously and/or consciously attract things/people/events in our lives; there are no coincidences.

Every moment of our lives, we have the power to experience the benefits of intentional living. For some, it’s easier to believe that they have no real control; they are taught to abdicate power to external and higher powers (religion, parent, spouse, teacher, guide, deity, etc.). With this abdication of power, many survive under the false belief that someone/something will govern them and create their reality for them; they perceive that things just happen to them.

We create our own reality; we are profoundly powerful.

It’s important to be clear about the meaning of the word “expectation”. It has nothing to do with our intention to achieve or to have motivation, ambition, objectives or goals. It refers only to our attachment to results, our attachment to things/events/behaviors, etc.

When we have expectations, even if we truly believe that we have no expectations because we have cleverly disguised them as intentions, we pave a path to pain. In this context, I define “pain” to mean – any and all physical and/or emotional sensations that I would not usually elect (i.e. heartache, awkwardness, sadness, fear, physical discomfort, sickness, anger, disease, etc.).

When we are attached (reads expect) to an outcome, no matter what it is, we give energy to the possibility of not getting it; we are then living in a state of duality. We judge the desired outcome to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. We are living with a belief that what we desire is scarce; we set expectations (stories) to convince ourselves that the future looks like this… or it looks like that… And, we believe that with enough effort, manipulation, cleverness and trying, we can make things happen. Our stories create a false sense of security because we are not present; we are in the ‘Not Now’. The Not Now is a lie; it’s a fictional story that we’ve created to soothe our fear of the future. Many times our stories are built on our worst fears and drive us deeper into our scarcity-based beliefs.

When we set pure intention, void of expectations, we are free from the pitfalls of being attached to any outcome; we experience a peace, a knowingness deep inside our core. Pure intention attracts what we desire; to others, we appear to be lucky and magical. When we live with intention, and allowing, and in the Now, all the things we desire appear to be abundant; they have always been abundant. The things we intend to have/be/experience/etc., are delivered to us effortlessly and without us having to reach for them. When we start reaching (reads expecting) for things we desire, instead of allowing them to come to us, we are actually pushing those things away.

The mere thought of just allowing things to show up, instead of making things show up, strikes fear in the hearts of many. Our culture is all about scarcity; “…you can only have what you want if you take it..”, “…money doesn’t grow on trees”, etc.

I challenge you to quibble with the semantic differences between “intention” and “expectation”.  I challenge you to have some fun and play the game I’ve described below. Test the universe for a week, without any attachment to the test’s outcome; it could change your life… It changed mine.

Seven Steps To Perfect Parking

You can manifest the perfect parking spot everywhere you go. You know the spot I’m talking about, it’s the parking space some people call a “Side-Saver”; the one that’s the closest to your destination, has a curb on one side (so less people can ding your doors) and is always taken by someone else (especially during holiday season).

Step 1: Set your primary parking intention to always get that Side-Saver everywhere you go. Set your intention without regard to your parking history, current or projected parking congestion, or any other thing you know about the probability of getting that space.

Pause for a brief moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath or two, and visualize what the perfect Side-Saver looks like. Silently or audibly, say the words “I intend to park in the Side-Saver parking spots at all my destinations.”

Step 2: Set your secondary Side-Saver intention to become present and remain in the Now. Say the words “Side-Savers are abundant, immediate, recognizable and understandable. I allow them; they come to me effortlessly and without me reaching for them.”

Step 3: Visualize yourself driving into that Side-Saver at the drugstore, the mall and any other places you frequent. It’s not about visualizing all possible Side-Savers; it’s about feeling and capturing the emotion (in this case it’s lack of emotion) you feel when you pull into that Side-Saver and turn off your engine (Hint: It’s really emotion-free; it’s a peaceful knowing… The ego-less words “of course”, or “sure”, may come to mind).

Now that you’ve set your Side-Saver intention, you’ll never have to set it again. You can choose to redefine your parking intentions, or create new ones, but the one you just set is complete and is good for the rest of your life. If you’ve spent more than 60-seconds on your intention setting, then you are probably overthinking it (reads setting expectations).

Live Your Intention: For the next seven days, every time you drive into a parking lot, every parking lot, drive right up to the front door of your destination and look for the spot that meets the Side-Saver description above; at that moment, notice how you may feel about playing this game. Check in with yourself and see if you have expectations that the space will/won’t/should be open. The way you’ll know if you have expectations, is that you’ll have some thoughts and emotions about the Side-Saver. Your thoughts and emotions may including what you judge as good emotions like happiness, excitement, etc., or bad emotions or thoughts like “this is stupid”, “Of course the space is taken!”, “Amazing, the space is open!”, “I’m a total winner!”, “I totally have this figured out… I’m good.” etc. Whatever your feelings and thoughts, if they are strong, chances are you have some expectations that the spot will/won’t/should be there for you. It’s human nature to experience this. However, if you can keep the game going for seven days, I promise that you’ll see an amazing transformation in your parking-reality; the transformation will also effect all other parts of your life.

Experience The Rewards Of Quibbling: As the game-days progress, you’ll find that once you have fine tuned your ability to be void of all Side-Saver expectations, you’ll no longer care if the space is open or not. You’ll be able to drive right up to the Side-Saver, like you are intending to park there, whether it’s full or not, and just allow it to be whatever it is (without emotion). You’ll no longer judge a full Side-Saver as a good or bad thing. You’ll not care if you get “lucky” and find the space open. You will just observe that the Side-Saver is whatever it is, take advantage of it, or ignore it. You’ll create no stories; you’ll only feel peace and knowing.

Step 4: During the first few game-days, letting go of your expectations may be difficult; chances are you will feel your resistance to allowing.

When you feel your resistance (e.g. annoyance at a full Side-Saver, feeling like this game is a waste of time, etc.), do something to bring yourself present and into the Now.  Take a deep breath and focus your vision on something near-field, like your hand or the steering wheel. Look closely at the stitching on the leather steering wheel cover, or the lines in the palm of your hand; notice the intricate details, textures and colors. Don’t just look with your eyes, look with your thoughts too. Use this moment to get present and exit the Not Now. As you focus your vision and thoughts on something physical, something that is right in front of you, your feelings will change; your expectations will fade away.

Step 5: Now it’s time to benefit from the secondary Side-Saver intention you previously set in Step 2.

Once you are present, acknowledge that Side-Savers are abundant. Recognize that a Side-Saver immediately showed up for you. Understand that this particular Side-Saver it is full or empty and allow the Side-Saver’s condition to be whatever it is. Focus on what is instead of what is not. Shift any emotion of expectation to the emotion of “I don’t really care” (and really mean it). Many of us hide our expectations behind a false sense of altruism; we’ve convinced ourselves, and so we’ve created a story, that a particular outcome “needs” because it’s the best for someone/something we are caretaking. And, most of the time, we’ve elected to care-take only because it supported our efforts to disguise our expectations.

Step 6: Once you are rid of all Side-Saver expectations, things will start to change. Magically and quickly, Side-Savers will appear to be abundant, immediate, recognizable and understandable. And, more and more, Side-Savers will open up for you. If they start opening up for you, then seem to stop opening up for you, chances are that you have returned to your old habits of setting expectations. Check your emotions by revisiting Step 5. Fine tune your emotions and Side-Savers will open up for you. The universe will start to change.

Step 7: One day, when you are not thinking about getting a Side-Saver, because you have no expectation of getting a Side-Saver, you’ll drive right up to one, notice that it’s unavailable, remain present and have no attachment to the fact that it is full. This is the day it all comes together for you; the universe hears your pure intention, without expectations, and delivers to you. This is the day you’ll see the parked car’s reverse lights turn on and the Side-Saver open up for you; the universe is giving you a clear message that you are consciously manifesting Side-Savers.

One word of caution… If you get all happy and excited about manifesting the Side-Saver, the universe will hear your excitement as an expectation (reads fear) that the space would be unavailable and that you are relieved/happy/excited it opened up for you. The only thing the universe will hear is “the Side-Saver is unavailable.” So, that’s what the universe will start delivering you…

We have been programmed to believe that “allowing” is being passive and lazy, or it’s not the action of  winners; that programming is a lie.

I challenge you to go against your old programming; stop caring so much and start allowing. It’s all abundant if we will just show up and allow it into our lives.


~ I Send Unconditional Love To All Who Will Receive It Unconditionally~


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