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Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart

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Most of our lives, many of us have been told to get into our heads and stay there.

You know what I’m talking about; most of us can still hear the warnings and admonishments of our parents echoing in our minds… “Young man/woman, you better think about what you are about to do…”  “…you go sit in your room and think about what you just did…”  We learned that we were expected to be in our heads.  As we applied that old and destructive programming to our adult lives, it blocked us from our genius and forced us into a state of fear and expectation. 

When is the last time you heard a parent advise their child to “check in with your body and feel it… listen to what it tells you and follow its guidance”?  That’s crazy talk!  Right?  What self-respecting parent would tell their children to “Not think” and let their bodies give them answers instead of their heads?  An enlightened parent would say that.  An enlightened friend would say that too.

When we are in our heads, and block ourselves from feeling our hearts, we block the critical and important information that we seek.  We create a state of pain and discomfort for ourselves.  Our bodies tell us that we are blocking ourselves and blocking the truth that we are desperately hoping to find.

Start believing in the wisdom of your body.  Change your old programming; become present and notice when you are in your head.  Tap into your heart and notice the avalanche of emotion and information you’ll receive if you will only allow the truth in your heart instead of trying to create answers in your head.

Here is a link to a video with Stephanie Azaria.  Check out the parts between time code 38:00 – 39:40.  Stephanie gives us some  practical advice on how to get out of our heads and into our hearts.

~I Send Unconditional Love To All Who Willingly And Unconditionally Receive It~

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