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Extending Male Climax Duration

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Using Sexual Energy And Intention Control

If you’re a man who’s looking to improve your sexual pleasure, the Male Climax Extension technique (MCE) does it without the aid of drugs, herbs or sex toys. As you gain skills in setting your sexual intention and controlling your orgasmic energy, you’ll also gain the skills to change your climax experience; you’ll be able to extend its duration. This technique is easy to master and it’s one that you’ll look forward to practicing.


To make sure we’re all on the same page, let’s define orgasm and climax; they’re different. Orgasmic energy runs through your body and carries you towards climax but not always to climax; it may show up in your body as involuntary movements, increased body temperature, increased breath and pulse rate, and horripilation. Male climax, different from orgasm, is the point where orgasmic energy increases to it’s momentary maximum, your body convulses, and most of the time, ejaculation occurs.

If you are like many men, your climaxes may have different intensities but usually have similar duration.

The male climax is like a one-peak-roll-a-coaster with multiple cars in its train; its route is composed of a Climb, a Peak, a Fall and a Run-Out.

Climax starts when the front car has just crested the peak and the rest of them are still climbing. It’s that moment right before the front cars start pulling the rear cars over the peak; it’s the “Hook,” the point of no return. When you experience the Hook, your brain tells your body that climax is assured, and you’re about to go over the top.

When the majority of cars have crested the peak, and the front cars start pulling the rear cars through the Peak, you’re out of the Hook and into the Fall.

The Run-Out is the period of time after all the cars have completed their Fall and the whole train is burning off speed before coming to a stop.

The Male Climax Extension technique extends the Peak, the Fall and the Run-Out.

Although Male Climax Extension can be practiced solo or partnered in many different positions, it works best during fully penetrative sex and when your partner is on top. The following steps can be modified to change the technique’s effectiveness and your climactic experience.

1) Set Your Intention: Where intention goes, energy flows; this is especially true when practicing MCE and other energetic sexual techniques. Prior to starting, set your intention to follow Steps 3 through 6. Unless you’ve set a clear intention before starting, the sensation during climax may cause you to reflexively fall into your regular climax pattern. Without setting intention, you may forget that you wanted to do something different.

2) Recruit Your Partner: When practicing MCE with a first-time-partner, your actions may appear to be unusual; it’s advisable to let them in on what you’re intending and ask them to assist you in the process (see Step 4).

3) Prepare For The Hook: With your partner on top, progress as usual until your climax has started and the Hook is approaching. When many men start to climax they reflexively hold their breath, close their eyes, tighten every muscle in their body (Valsalva maneuver) and reach for the climax. Depending on your usual climax pattern, the next steps of the MCE technique may be counter-intuitive. If you’ve already set your intention to do these steps, you’ll most likely succeed.

4) Surrender: Once you feel the Hook, suddenly throw your arms out to your side, palms up like a crucifixion pose. Intentionally and gently cease all your movement and surrender all control (your partner is still pumping and in total control now). Softly exhale and empty your breath. Release all muscle tension and allow your eyes to soften and naturally roll up towards your crown.

During Step 4, it’s critical that your partner continues their pumping motion to carry you through the Peak, Fall and Run-Out. Because your climax is extended, perhaps 3 – 5 times longer than usual, your partner may think you are finished when you’re still in the Run-Out stage. In advance (Step 2), ask your partner to commit to continuing their pumping motion until you force them to stop; you will both know when that moment arrives.

5) Enjoy The Ride: Experiment with this technique and accept all outcomes. Notice the sensation of expanded time between the Hook, the Peak, the Fall and the Run-Out. Remain unattached to how much your climax is extended or the subjective quality of your climax. If this is a new sensation for you, resist the urge to judge it as “Good” or “Bad”. Allow it to be whatever it is.

6) Spread The Word: When you find sexual healing, using the Male Climax Extension technique, tell others about it and foster an environment of healthy sexual pleasure.


Scott E. Smith is experienced in Tantra and other forms of energetic sex and energetic sexual healing techniques. As part of his Ventura CA based energetic healing and sexual educational practice, Energetic Enlightenment, he employs a blend of breath and body work, movement, sound immersion, and chakra/aura meditation to aid in the elimination of physical and emotional conditions and to promote a healthy and pleasure-filled sexual life.  www.EnergeticEnlightenment.com

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